Thanksgiving Dinner

This Season, Let SMP Take Care of all Your

Thanksgiving Day Needs!



Option 1:  Order a Grand Champion Jaindl Fresh Turkey  to Cook at Home!  Natural Lite, Extra Lean -22% More White Meat - 55% less fat Low Sodium - 25% Less Calories - No Artificial Ingredients!  $2.99 / LB  

Option 2:  Buy Your Fresh Turkey and Let us Cook it For You!

Includes 1 Quart of Our Store Made Gravy.  $2.99 Plus $35 Cooking Fee

Option 3: Complete Dinner to Feed 4-5 people

Comes with: Sliced Turkey Breast, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Mashed White Potatoes, Store Made Gravy, Sausage Stuffing, Garlic Green Beans, Steamed Broccoli, Glazed Carrots, Cranberry Sauce, and Assorted Dinner Rolls.  $80.00


Option 4: Complete Dinner to Feed 8-10 People

Same as option #3 but with a whole turkey instead of sliced breast, and each side comes in a half tray.  $150.00

Option 5: Complete Dinner to Feed 16-20 People

Same as Option #4 But with a bigger turkey and each side comes in a full tray size. $289.00


Option 6:  Single Serve Dinners - Big portion of turkey, gravy, sweet or regular mashed potatoes, stuffing and your choice of carrots, green beans or

broccoli.  $10.99 each


Don't Forget The Sides:

* Regular or Sweet Mashed Potatoes - $30  -  1/2 Tray

*Sausage  or Apple Rosemary Stuffing - $30  - 1/2 Tray

*Glazed Carrots or Garlic Green Beans - $25  -  1/2 tray

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon - $35  -  1/2 Tray

Bacon Wrapped Dates  -  $25  - 1/2 Tray

*Cranberry Sauce or Turkey Gravy -$4.99 /Quart

Catering Orders Must be Placed no Later Than Wed, 11/18 by the End of the Day. 

 Pick up Wednesday before Thanksgiving!