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Freezer Specials

One day's advance notice please. Pick up at the Wantage store only.
Email us:
Call us: 973-875-5641


5lb London Broil

5lb Flank Steak

5lb Sirloin Fillet

5lb Top Sirloin Steak

5lb Petite Sirloin Steak

5lb Beef Stew

5lb Top Round Roast

5lb Rump Roast

5lb Center Cut Pork Chops

Mix and Match Special


5lb Ground Round

5lb Ground Round Patties

5lb Chicken Breast

5lb Country Style Ribs

5lb Pork Rack of Ribs

5lb Breakfast Sausage Links

5lb Italian Sausage

5lbs Smoked Bacon

5lbs Smoked Kielbasa


5lb French Fries

5lbs Chicken Legs

5lbs Chicken Drumsticks

5lbs Chicken Thighs

2lbs Butter

5lbs Peas (2 bags)

5lbs Baby Carrots (2 bags)


45 lbs Total Weight




Choose two (2) from Column A, three (3) from column B, and four (4) from column C

Economy Special

6 lbs Top Round London Broil

15 lbs Roast Beef

6 lb Boneless Sirloin Steaks

10 lb Ground Round

10 lb Ground Round Patties

15 lb Quartered Chickens

10 lbs Center Cut Pork Chops

10 lbs Rack Spare Ribs

5 lbs Italian Sausage 

5 lbs Country Style Ribs

3 lbs Veal Cutlets

5 lbs SMP Hot Dogs


100 lbs total weight


3 lbs Boneless Chuck Steak

2 lbs Top Chuck Steak

4 lbs Roast Beef

3 lbs Country Style Sausage

4 lbs Italian Sausage

3 lbs Center Cut Pork Chops

3 lbs Country Style Pork Ribs

2 lbs Butter

4 lbs Margarine

12 lbs Chickens Quartered

5lbs Ground Round Patties

5 lbs Ground Round


50 lbs Total Weight


All American Special
Super Beef Special
Budget Saver Special

5 lbs Porterhouse Steak

5 lbs Boneless Sirloin Steak

5 lbs Top Round London Broil

5 lbs Boneless Chicken Cutlets

5 lbs Chicken Breast

5 lb Flank Steak

5 lb Beef Cubes

5 lb Center Cut Pork Chops


40 lbs total weight


Family Special

5 lb Chuck Roast or Steaks

5 lb Top Round Roast

5 lb Ground Round (85% lean)

15 lb Chickens Quartered

5 lbs Country Style Ribs

5 lbs Italian Sausage

5 lbs Beef Cubes

5 lbs Sliced Bacon


50 lbs total weight


3 lbs Chicken Cutlets

7 lbs Spare Ribs

6 lbs Chickens Quartered

5 lbs Sirloin Fillet

5 lbs Italian Sausage

10 lbs Chicken Legs

2 lbs Smoked Keilbasa

2 lbs Hot Dogs

10 lbs Ground Round


50 lbs total weight


Pork Lover's Special
3lb Bone-in Country Style Ribs
3 lb Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops
3 lb Boneless C
enter Cut Pork Roast
2 lb Breakfast Sau
sage Links
2 lb Smoked Bacon

15 lbs Total Weight 
Big Beef Special
4 lb Petite Sirloin Steaks
5 lb Ground Round (85% lean)
3 lb Top Round Roast
2 lb Sirloi
n Patties

14 lbs Total Weight
Perfect Poultry Pack Special
5 lbs Chicken Quarter Legs
3 lbs Boneless Chicken Breasts
2 lbs Chicken Sausage

10 lb Total Weight

Sorry, no substitutions!

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