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Family Owned & Operated Since 1960 

Vandenakker Family Farm

Our roots begin in the 1950s in Holland, where Andrew VandenAkker was a farmer and a local butcher store owner.  

In 1957 the family of 11 immigrated to the states and brought with them their talent and knowledge of farming and butchering. 


His son, Henry VandenAkker took over the slaughtering and wholesale operation and worked with many local farmers to help harvest their meat.


Henry's experience in retail started small, with a 6 ft meat case in a small shop located on 565 in Wantage.  Business and memories both grew there for many years, enabling Henry to serve the community by providing the freshest quality meats at bargain prices, while still butchering for local farmers and hunters.  With a demand in quality fresh meats growing, Henry was able to open a store at two more locations.  But with a desire to focus his attention more towards his family, Henry sold the two other locations and is now a popular and friendly face at the Wantage location that has now moved to Route 23.

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