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SMP COVID19 Response

Information For Our Valued Customers:


CLEANLINESS – The cleanliness of our store is our top priority.  Our staff is working hard to sanitize and clean our store on a regular basis – shopping carts, baskets, door handles and surfaces are continually being sanitized and wiped down.

WEAR A MASK - Please wear a mask when entering the store that properly fits over your mouth and nose.  If you are unable to comply with this due to a medical reason, we ask that you take advantage of our curbside service by ordering online or by calling the store at 973-875-5641.

PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING – Please do your best to keep approximately 6 feet away from other customers while in line at the meat department, deli and registers.

IF YOU FEEL SICK -  Please refrain from coming into our store – try to have a friend or relative shop for you in this case.

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