This Week's Sales
Ending 1/31/15
 All Our Meat Is Always Fresh,  Never Prepacked 
All Cut On Premise - Taste The Difference!
Sussex Meat Packing- Wantage
We are proud and honored to have been voted 
#1 Butcher in the County!!
From The Meat:
Petite Sirloin Steaks $4.99 lb
Baby Back Ribs only $3.99 lb
Buy 2 or more pay only $2.99 lb WOW!

Fresh Buffalo Wings $2.99 lb
marinated Hot, BBQ, Teriyakis $3.99 lb

Did you know we have a chef working in our meat department? He's here just to help you with recipes and cooking instructions!

From The Deli&Kitchen

Cooked baby back ribs choose from
BBQ, or terryaki $9.99 per full rack.

Strombolis $9.99 each. Call and reserve! They go quick.

Spicy Beef Chili $5.99 qt.

Bnls Wings: Hot, BBQ, Terryaki, and Sweet Chili $4.99 lb