All Our Meat Is Always Fresh,  Never Prepacked 
All Cut On Premise - Taste The Difference!
Sussex Meat Packing- Wantage
We are proud and honored to have been voted 
#1 Butcher in the County!!
SMP Italian Sausage $2.99 LB
SMP Sirloin Fillet $6.59 LB

Sabrett and Nathan's Franks
both $2.99 14 .0Z PKG

Cooked Shrimp 41-50 CT
$14.99 for a 2LB PKG

 Try our Store made Specialty Sausages!
*Jalapeno and Cheddar
*Rueben  (Garlic, Swiss Cheese, Corned Beef and SauerKraut)
*Garlic, Parsely and Parmesan 
* Roasted Red Pepper and Mozzarella

And Our Store Made Specialty Patties!
 * Bacon and Cheddar
 * Onion 
*Jalapeno and Cheddar

Here are some of our regular everyday low prices!
All Our Poultry comes in Fresh, Never Prepacked!

​Chicken Drumsticks $.89 LB
Chicken Thighs $.99 LB
Chicken Legs Quartered $.89 LB
Bone in Chicken Breast Whole or Split $1.99 lb
Ground Round 85% Lean ( sold in 5 lb bags) $3.69 LB